Hello sweethearts!!! 

I would first like to welcome you here to your new start and healthier lifestyle.  Welcome to Healthy Living!   


My name is Chef Rozeppelin and although I’m only 29 years  years old  – I’m old soul! I love to create new things in the kitchen, rock n roll, tattoos and expanding my wisdom and knowledge. Its only fair to share my story and the reason for this living transformation. Here it goes …

On March 13, 2013 my life took a turn that was completely unexpected. Literally, overnight, things were happening to my body that were absolutely NOT normal. I didn’t know what was wrong with me, but I definitely knew something was not right. After many trips to hospitals and specialists, on April 10, 2013 my life complete changed when I was diagnosed with two very serious medical conditions (which for now, I will not disclose, but I am working on a special project in regards to my illnesses and it will have FULL DETAILS so stay tuned). Lets just say that after hearing the words come out of the doctor’s mouth, time as I knew it stopped. I was immediately admitted to the hospital for a month that was full of procedures and surgeries. Afterwards, I was released to a deal with a brand new reality that I was not prepared for. My view on life most definitely changed during my hospital stay, but I came to realize that how I lived my life HAD to go through a complete overhaul as well.  The only problem was that I was completely clueless as to where to start or even how to begin this process. So, I started doing research, reading, watching documentaries and connecting with some pretty amazing people and after a while –  it hit me. I needed to start with what I was consuming. I would not be a healthy, vibrant person if I was constantly bombarding my body with unhealthy things. Slowly as I changed my diet, I began to see improvements in my health. As I continue to learn and feed my brain as well as my body, I shall share my knowledge with you!! 

On this website, you would find recipes created by myself as well as fellow fitness and healthy eating gurus, inspirational photos and quotes I come across through out my day and updates on my progression to optimal health. 

I am always open to suggestions and creative ideas. Try out the recipes I have provided. As well, as new ones you come up with, please do not forget to add my link, so I can see/try what you lovelies created!!!! 

 Let’s walk this path to a new life together. I am here for you and should you ever feel like giving up or feel like you can’t do it please remember that I have faith in you and I KNOW YOU CAN!!!! 

 Smile Darlings! Sending you all LOVE!! 


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